1. Devi says

    I want to make this chutney with Amla instead of lemon as lemon here are have thick skin and limes are bitter. My question is should I cook Amla first or should grind raw Amla?

  2. ALKA says

    Hi Anjana,

    With regards to the above recipe, kindly clarify if the chutney should be refrigerated after cooled or to be kept at room temperature, as where I live, we have a very hot climate. Secondly, , you have mentioned the chutney develops more flavour after 1 week, so during that initial 1 week, where do we store it, room temp or fridge?

    Thank You

    • Anjana Chaturvedi says

      Hi Alka
      if the temp is very hot then do refrigerate it after 2 days.

  3. Ritu Paralkar says

    4 stars
    Hi .I have just made the chutney as per your recipe. The only addition I made is putting cinnamon powder and a spoonful of garam masala. Tastes awesome, but with some bitter taste . Hopefully ,as you have mentioned ,the bitter taste will reduce. Thanks for the recipe.

    • Anjana Chaturvedi says

      Thank you Ritu. I’m glad you liked it!


    Mam, I have tried many times but every time the chuttney gets bitter due to unknown reason. It is so bitter that not even palatable. So I have to throw it and my labour is wasted. Pl suggest.

    • anjanaskc says

      I am not able to understand what is going wrong with your chutney..may be you have not removed the seeds completely. The chutney do taste slight bitter in the beginning but as it mature with time the taste become nice and tangy.

  5. Kumar pitamber Gharave says

    Rep.mada.m, I tried lemon chutney with jaggery but after 15 days bubbles & gas is formed , pl.let me know the fault or any discrepancy

    • anjanaskc says

      Hello Kumar -I have always made this chutney with sugar and it stays well till it last. May be you have not cooked it properly or the lemons are not cleaned properly.

  6. Pam says

    It reads “lemons” but the picture is of limes. Is it lemons or limes?

    • anjanaskc says

      I have used limes but you can also use lemons

  7. Shweta singh says

    I tried making lemon chutney following method 1. It has been 4 days already and my chutney tastes bitter. Any tips how to get r8d of its bitterness??

    • anjanaskc says

      let it mature for some times then it taste good but a hint of bitterness will always be there